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Cleaning cabinetry correctly is critical to keeping your investment looking great. Cabinetry requires specialized care based on the material. 

Cabinet Cleaning

Project Planning

Getting Started 

Cabinetry is a key part of every home. If you don’t know where to start, follow these three simple steps to get planning.


  1. Define your desires


Start with a list of what you like about the existing space. These features are the things you would like to keep and build your cabinetry around. Next, compile a list of what the space is lacking. Keep in mind how you would like to use the space. These will be the features you will spend


   2. Define your style

Create a Pinterest board and tag photos that you like. This will form the basis of your style. You will start to see patterns of what features you want, what colours you like, and what elements repeatedly show up.


  3. Get in touch

Contact us to get started with your lists, your inspiration board, and budget. We’ll help you from there.  

Our Process

  1. Consultation - Book a consultation with one of your design specialists. Bring your list, inspirations, and budget. We will create a quote based on your project outline.

  2. Quote Approval

  3. Design and Selections Meeting – With our design specialist, we will work with you to create the perfect design for your cabinetry and space. This is where your list and boards come to life.

  4. Design Approval – From your design approval, your cabinetry will be ready for installation between 4-12 weeks depending on the project scope and size. Once the design is approved, we can begin to place orders for your project.

  5. Construction and Installation

  6. Enjoy your new space!

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