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While we take great care in crafting quality products, product after-care is critical to keeping the appearance and functionality of your cabinetry. There are several considerations to keep in mind to maintain your cabinetry.

Care & Maintenance

Special Care Areas



Cabinetry near sinks need extra attention due to their proximity to water. Be sure to dry cabinetry promptly to avoid damage. 


Countertop Appliances

Appliances such as electric kettles, crockpots, coffee makers release steam which can damage cabinetry. Be sure to point the steam away from the cabinetry.



The steam and heat generated from dishwashers can damage cabinetry. Be sure to dry promptly to prevent this. 



The self-cleaning function in ovens exposes the adjacent cabinetry to extreme heat. When using this function, be sure to remove doors and drawers near this appliance.


Garbage Pull Outs

Due to the frequent use of this function, be sure to wipe down the unit and check for cracks often.



Cabinetry around the cooktop are subjected to risks of food splatter, heat, and steam. Be sure to wipe down the cabinetry promptly.

Maintaining Your Home Environment



  • Indoor relative humidity should be between 30-50%

  • Humidity and moisture can cause shrinkage, swelling, cracking, and warping of cabinetry.

  • Kitchens and bathrooms must be well-ventilated to exhaust excess heat and humidity.


Sun Light

  • Ultraviolet rays in natural sunlight can change the colour of cabinetry 

  • Wood and painted cabinetry can fade, darken, or discolour if exposed to direct sunlight often



  • The optimal home temperature should be between 15° to 27° celsius.

  • Extreme changes to indoor temperature will cause materials to shrink and swell, resulting in damage to cabinetry. 

Cabinet Care and Maintenance

Frequent Care

Long Term Care


  • Wipe spills and splatters promptly. 

  • Don't place damp cloths over cabinet surfaces.

  • Keep cabinet surfaces dry by wiping excess moisture as soon as it is spotted.

  • Maintaining a consistent home environment by regulating temperature and humidity is critical to keeping your cabinets safe from damage.

  • When going away for longer periods, be sure to regulate the temperature.

  • Be sure to clean the exteriors of the cabinetry a few times annually to avoid build up of oils and contaminants.

  • Touch-up finishing required even with highest quality as daily use can cause scratches and bumps. Contact us for support in providing touch-up options. 

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